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Why I believe in God and life beyond death

- by Ayesha Parveen 16 Dec 2008. This story has been read 381 times.

To me the most natural thing is to believe that I will continue to consciously be as I move beyond this life. So many soul-searching questions have made me fully convinced that I can never become annihilated.

This is so because I am an individual identity, and not a bundle of flesh and bones and skin and hormones. I am more that all that. As I was growing up, I had some intense moments of thinking which have made me understand that I am always there, no matter what.

And I am not God, though His presence or touch is felt in me just like it is felt in all creatures. I call it the voice of conscience or God manifested as the Parmaatma, witnessing our actions and guiding us. Never can I become equal to Him. Uniting with Him means going back to His full presence in the hereafter. It does not mean becoming equal to Him because if any creature had the capacity to be so, he or she or it would never have suffered pain in this life. It does not mean we lose our individual identity with death because if there is no identity, there is no consciousness and the whole journey of life undertaken would become meaningless. We suffer because we are imperfect. God is always perfect.

My experiences in life, both happy and painful, have made me understand that nothing is wasted. Love has a meaning: that we can (and do) reach out to others in love and compassion proves that these feelings are so beautiful and eternal. There is someone who is giving us these beautiful experiences. That someone is God. On the other hand, experiences like pain make us realize we are not all-powerful. There is someone in front of whom the whole universe is helpless. That someone is God.

Finally, deep within me is a voice saying that there is justice in the wider scheme of things. There is a pattern in the way things happen, although I may not always immediately understand it. But I have learnt to trust it because over the years, I see that often, I understand the significance of an experience only years after it happens.

Finally, I feel a deep sense of peace and trust because I know that although I am imperfect, He guides and helps me all the time and is by my side. He is that Supreme Person referred to as God and compared to Him, each creature is infinitesimal. So, the final lesson I learn from any experience, is that of joy and hope.

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
(Quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson, American author, poet and philosopher)

(The ideas expressed here are based on my personal understanding of my experiences and my intention here is not to criticize or propagate any organized religion.)


Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Bobby Sakariah - Jeddah on 12/16/2008 1:05:22 PM
Nice article. To me, life after death has no meaning because I have seen that those who do good or bad, get its result in this world itself. I totally agree that human can never become equal to God. Even with so much of advancement, we have not been able to trace the ends of the universe. God is infinite as the universe He has created. The power of God is manifested in the wind, the rain, the earth quake, the volcano, the lightning, the thunder etc. Even with the best advancement, we humans have been able to do little to prevent calamities like Tsunami happening to us. I also totally agree that God is the best judge; but God commands the human beings, the animals, the birds, the reptiles, the sun, the rain, the wind etc. to execute His justice. If we do harm to a person, that person may not be capable enough to avenge the wrong. God will avenge the wrong through His various instruments stated above; He may kill the perpetrator in a road accident or through a snake bite, or a lightning etc. Yes I also totally agree that He is the best source of hope; the only person we can go to, when every others have lost hope. He guides those who seek His guidance. His help comes from people we may never know; we have never met; we have never helped.

Ayesha Parveen said...

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Rama Kant - Banglaore on 12/16/2008 12:50:16 PM
Can we call everything as god what is not comprehended? Belief is certainly what you choose to have and may not be universally true. Although you have poured your feelings and emotions and deep rooted idea of god and yourself but it would be quite hard for everyone to relate with. Nevertheless there are some people who would definitely find solace in your philosophy of life. You have been successful in expressing your idea. Good Job.

KParthasarathi said...

The peacock bfeather is beautiful.The observations are true and appilcable to all

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Dr.P.V.Vaidyanathan - Mumbai on 12/16/2008 12:26:22 PM
Ayesha, you have touched on a complex issue, and have, as you say, put forward your own experiences, which you have done beautifully....

Rajesh - Hyderabad on 12/16/2008 11:12:13 AM
... Good writing Ayesha, I specifically like the subject that you touch upon, basically comes out of souls who have evolved over time,...

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

KP - Chennai on 12/16/2008 7:11:35 PM
Words cannot describe the satisfaction and the calm derived from reading this scintillating pice from Ayesha.It has left a deep impact on me.

Ajaykumar - bangalore on 12/16/2008 3:55:12 PM
Hi Ayesha, Its an excellent work. ps was not required. Every person has a right to express his/her feelings.

Swetha Amit - Mumbai on 12/16/2008 6:15:47 PM
Excellent one Ayesha.And very soulful and spiritual as well.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

manali d - hyderabad on 12/17/2008 10:56:44 PM
I just read it. It is a perfect statement.

abdul vazid - hyderabad on 12/17/2008 8:30:10 PM
ayesha i think its a good ....anywayz thank u ayesha ur the best its a very good concept.

Venkat - Dar on 12/16/2008 12:33:01 PM
A very good one Ayesha.

Mustaf said...

Hi Ayesha,

A very deep, thought-provoking post. I had to actually go through it 2-3 times to comprehend it completely.

There is one thing which was not completely clear.You started the post saying you will always consciously be even beyond death. I know, as an identity i will be there in the mind and thoughts of people leaving behind, but after death how can i conscious?

Being a firm GOD believer, i mostly agree with you, specially where you mentioned we realize significance of many things after so many years of it happened. This i have realized in my own life and so many times. And i also believe GOD always help us and shows us the right path, even if we are unable to visualize.So the lesson for me was never be sorry if i haven't got something i wanted, i knew it was not good for me and that's why GOD did not give it to me..

You have put your thoughts beautifully, you must have been very clear in your mind, otherwise this would not have come out...

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Mustaf!

Thank you for your appreciative comment. Consciousness is of the soul; with death, the body dies but the soul moves on. So, we stay conscious even when we die: we are souls, not bodies.

Best wishes :)