Friday, December 19, 2008

The Terrorist Within

- by Ayesha Parveen 12 Dec 2008
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How many times do we stop to think seriously where terror originates? In the final analysis, terror originates in the mind of a person. Since terrorism is practice of terror, this evil or malaise (whichever way you want to regard it) takes root in the human consciousness and then is gradually manifested in various aspects of his life. The first casualties are the immediate family members. Look into the family background of a terrorist and chances are that you will find he dominated his spouse cruelly or was brutal in disciplining his children.

Socio-financial circumstances or a perverse sense of communal feeling instilled in him by others only add fuel to the fire. The root is still his mind. Being an individual, he has the power to think for himself, which, unfortunately the terrorist discards. This happens because his mind is totally focused on causing pain and destruction, whatever the excuse. Stripped of his camouflage of rebellion, the terrorist comes off as both the product and the propagator of what could be called a wicked ideology of hate.

Since the terrorist is born a human being, logically-speaking, each person has within him the potential to become a terrorist, if he chooses a wrong ideology of society, religion or the individual’s freedom. Similarly, each terrorist-in-the-making can prevent himself from becoming a terrorist finally, if he calms his mind, takes pride in his individuality and thinks for himself.

I believe that ultimately, mind controls matter and so if each individual honestly tries to clean his mind of thoughts of hurting others, a day will come when the terrorist within (in the mind) will die and all can breathe a sigh of relief. It might seem wishful thinking, but logically considered, it is possible. The purpose of writing this article is to covey my ideas on the origin of terror. I will consider myself very fortunate if the readers spread the message that each person can do his bit in conquering terrorism.

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