Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love Will Triumph Over All

It is bound to happen, I know;
Yet, I cry when you test my patience.
Life has come a full circle for me,
But the conclusion is pending yet.

Waiting with much joy in my soul
And some anguish in my human heart,
I ask today, to the one dearest to me
Why need I go through even more?

My word and your silence today,
Together walk, side by side;
A time will come when both will fade,
And love will triumph over all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flowers at His feet

She was living with her widowed, ailing mother and earned some money by selling garlands and flowers near the temple of Krishna, in Chittagong. Although young and impoverished, she did not have many desires for herself. There was, however, one cherished dream in her heart.

No matter how much she needed the little money her garlands and flowers brought for her, she never forgot to offer some fresh flowers at the feet of the idol of Krishna, each morning, as soon as the temple gates opened for the public. It was only then that she started selling. Affectionately, she called Him "Vaasudev". With Him she talked each day, adoring Him, asking His help in taking care of her mother, and always begging Him to keep her long-lost childhood friend, Manoj, happy. This ten-year old boy, as he was when they got separated, was her secret, cherished dream.

One night, her Vaasudev came to her in a dream. She saw him, in all His splendour and beauty, walking in a palace. As she called out to Him, "Vaasudev! Vaasudev!", He came to her even before she could run towards Him. He had a beautiful smile on His face and they met as close friends. Vaasudev assured her that He was always by her side. When finally He started walking again towards the palace, she knew she did not have much time to express herself and uttered the word, "Manoj". Vaasudev smiled and the flower-girl woke up.

Having full faith in Vaasudev, she knew that her Manoj was safe. She was happy because in her heart, her belief whispered to her that Manoj was in good hands, Vaasudev's hands, entrusted by her. Within two years of seeing Vaasudev Krishna in the dream, she heard from Manoj and their lives turned into a series of beautiful, joyous happenings.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Beauty Of This Day

This day is full of love and peace
As my heart overflows with joy;
For things that I have learnt on my way,
I see the meaning of it all.
This day reminds me that truth remains
And kindness is a gift for all;
In spite of some pain and confusion
Love remains, and happiness heals the heart.
( Dedicating this small poem, which happens to be my post #100, to all my dear ones.)

Remembering my mother

My mother is no more by my side;
Then why do I still feel her love?
We are taught that no one returns
From the land of the dead!
But even in going to that land,
Some keep on touching us
Just to let us know that love remains,
Beyond this veil of life,
And nothing that is good and true is lost.

Joy, Lost and Found

Searching for joy at all places,
I grew tired and longed for rest;
The struggles and woes of day to day
Took me captive and I lost my way.
Then someone whispered in my ears
The magic words for me:
"Search well, this time,within you."
Yes, I found my joy, at last,
Deep within me, resting, in my soul.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving On

A few days back I consulted a childhood-friend about a situation. The way she reacted was a shock for me. Under the guise of being realistic, she used the meanest and nastiest words possible. It was obvious that she saw in my case something which was missing in her life and she chose to react the wrong way.

No one has everything and it is only decent and sensible to accept this fact. If someone decides to be negative towards us, that too in a way that would hurt us the most, it is better to move on. This friend and I were very close for years and even when the distance between us started to grow, I had closed my eyes to it. However, now I have decided to move on. Wishing her the best in her life, I am emotionally distancing myself from her.

This moment is a new beginning in my life.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Resurrection

Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this day, Christ rose from the dead and talked to some of his followers.
At a non-denominational spiritual level, the resurrection can be said to be a symbol of undying hope and faith. God in His grace, sees to it that no undue pain goes unrewarded. Each one of us has to deal with pain and betrayal. Let God give us the faith in our hearts that He will lift us up from the pain into deep joy and peace.
From terror to peace, from pain to joy, from death to eternal life, may the Almighty God walk with us. Amen.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Celebration of Love

Every now and then I reach out to you
Wanting to feel your loving hand;
To some, I appear a fool, perhaps,
But I neither live nor die without you.
The smiling eyes, the touching words,
Have all stayed within my soul;
If today, you seem like snow, my love,
Turn to life-giving water, once more.
The beauty of my life has been
In loving you and celebrating love;
Hold my hand, once more, my love,
For that is all I want; my cosmos is in you.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thy Will be done

When in life, we are confused,
May we turn to God and say:
'Thy Will be done.'
If we suffer heart-breaks and
Know not the reasons,
It helps if we cry out to Him:
'Thy Will be done.'
Every day of this life, may we
Walk with Him and see His Hand
Equally there in joy and pain;
In death as much as in life,
May we have the faith to say with trust:
'My kindest Lord and dearest Friend,
Thy Will be done.'

(The line, "Thy Will be done", is from the traditional Christian prayer popularly called The Lord's Prayer)