Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The urgent email

The Director of Academics of a certain school had sent an extremely important and urgent email to the sports’ coordinator of the school who saw the content and decided that the games teacher (games falls under co-curricular activities ) needed to know about the matter.

The games teacher was a person who never used a computer and thus, had no internet ID. The coordinator, in an inexplicable moment of decision, had the email printed out and put the hard-copy inside the first-aid kit which the games teacher took to the cricket field every day. He never bothered to make a phone call to the teacher to tell him about it.

Two days later, when the Director asks the coordinator why he hadn’t looked into the urgent matter, the games teacher is called. In the presence of all three, the first-aid box is opened and the very urgent mail is retrieved!

Generations ago, love-letters would be delivered in a similar manner, resulting in sometimes hilarious and sometimes disastrous consequences. Circumstances and times change, but the drama of life remains the same.


Going through the land of trials,
As all alone I stand and reach out
Crying for help, and in pain,
There is none to respond to my screams.

If this is what life is all about,
Then death is what I would prefer;
How is it that I cannot kill myself,
Even when every part in me breaks apart?

The silent sobs have quietened down
As I am tired and all vacant inside…
But, yet again the pain starts
And the remembrance and the fear come back.

With pain behind and fear ahead,
I have no answer for myself;
But somewhere, there is someone
Who makes me walk through the hell.

That someone today I call:
Be with me or I shall die;
For you have I taken every step;
Now, wash away the pain, for yours am I.