Friday, February 27, 2009

Making your own way

When faced with difficulties we have options out of which we choose one. Our choice reflects our attitude to life. What is important primarily is not to make any choice in anger as the mind does not think logically when a person is angry.

The second most important thing is optimism. If we believe that problems can be solved, solutions do appear, usually. This might be partly because an optimistic person never gives up trying.

The third factor is believing in oneself. Self-confidence often makes the difference between success and failure. No matter what others say, if you believe in a cause sincerely or have a dream, hold it very close to your heart. The very act that you respect your ambition or dream, will help you in realizing it.

The use of ethical means is a must when dealing with obstacles to our success. If the means are dishonest, no lasting happiness can be the result. It is better to choose failure than choosing corruption because for an honest person true success comes in the long run.

Troubles come in every person’s life. How you deal with them determines how successful you are in making your own way.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Never again, my vanished friend

Walking with you, every day, side by side,
I thought you were my very own;
Your words said the same thing and I was healed
By your warmth and affection.

As we talked, every day, our souls touched;
I said to you what I have not told others
And you declared I added joy to your life.

The peace in my heart was a gift from you.

Never once did I feel that this could end,
As all good things are made eternal;
You had started the story and gave me hope
Of joy and of tenderness.

The sudden snatching away of your hand,
The unspoken breaking away from me
Has left me stabbed, my heart lacerated
As all alone I stand, once again.

Alone I was, and alone I am today;
You going away has stayed in me;
My guiding star, my healing balm,
After you, I dare not love again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The final wish

Varsha was a lonely child. Having lost her mother at birth, she had an uncaring, often cruel father, and a brother who was engrossed in his own teenage world. The eight-year –old girl was left to spend her time at home all alone. Moreover, not having known motherly love and starving to hear a kindly word from her father, Varsha often wept to herself.

One day, in their neighbourhood, a new family came and Varsha got a playmate in their daughter Tina. Tina’s mother, Mrs. Pathak was very affectionate towards Varsha and often, Varsha stayed for lunch at their place. However, it was Mr. Pathak, who soon became Varsha’s favourite. In him, the girl had found the father she had always hoped her biological father had been to her.

Mr. Pathak encouraged Varsha about her studies. When in school, she got an award for best creative-writing, the first person she told about it was Mr. Pathak. If she thought about an ideal family, she would picture in her mind the Pathaks. Even though Varsha was extremely fond of both Tina and her mother, it was Mr. Pathak who she adored. The kindly man had filled up a vacuum in her heart.

Varsha had fever every now and then. When she gathered courage to tell her father one day, after feeling nauseated, she was told that she was a weakling, and thus a pain to him. The matter ended there with Varsha not receiving any medical attention.

Time moves on and soon it was over a year that the Pathaks had moved in as Varsha’s neighbours. One day, she heard Tina and her mother crying loudly and rushed into the Pathaks’ house to find out what the matter was. Through tears in her eyes, Tina told her that Mr. Pathak had left his home and family in search of solitude and spirituality. Mrs. Pathak was inconsolable.

Varsha felt cheated. She had never thought the she would be deprived of Mr. Pathak’s fatherly affection. In her own innocence, she had trusted him emotionally.

Two months later, in a pleasant February morning, Varsha woke up with excruciating pain all over her body. She called out for help, but there was no one to hear her cries. Then she called out to Krishna for help. As gradually, her pain subsided, she could hear a soothing tune being played on flute. As she closed her eyes, Krishna appeared to her and asked her what she wanted. She was filled with peace and joy and answered that she wanted to play in His gardens and have Mr. Pathak as her father.

When a bearer came with breakfast into her room after an hour, it was discovered that Varsha would not open her eyes in this world again.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Till we meet again

A very dear friend of mine says he disapproves of human attachments because with death, the loss of a dear one can cruelly hurt the ones who stay behind. I am unable to explain to him that lack of attachment hurts as well and sometimes, it hurts even more. If this life is short, why not spend it in sharing happiness and love? The beautiful memories we create with our loved ones can make life meaningful and help bear the separation caused by death.

And there is nothing called the ever-lasting separation. Since death means moving on to the next phase of the universal journey, there is, in death, always the chance of meeting again. In fact, I believe that if affection is genuine, we do meet again.

If my friend happens to read this post, I hope he will understand that beyond pain, there is always happiness. Beyond death, there is eternal life. Beyond separation, there is reunion.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The child in you

Ever wondered why children forget pain and disappointments faster than adults? Perhaps, it is because they live life fully with every breath they take in. By instinct they know that each moment has something good to offer us, although, sometimes, the goodness comes disguised.

It is because children know how to trust life that they are smiling most of the time. They know that tomorrow’s answers will come tomorrow and so they concentrate on ‘today’ and ‘now’. The other important quality in children is self-trust. Although they appreciate praise and feel hurt when criticized, they do not judge themselves by the opinion of others. A child is happy to be what his heart wants.

Often, I feel that the child is dormant in each one of us. Why not rekindle the joy of child-like innocence and hope? Why not trust the process of life?

Perhaps, bygone days will not come back but lost happiness can definitely be found again. Just awaken the child in you and see the difference in your life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The word, ‘success’ is one of the most appealing words in any language, for almost everyone would like to be successful. The greatest thing about success is that there can be no fixed definition of it. What might seem as success to one person might appear to be a waste of time or energy to another.

Whether it is accumulation of wealth or saving a person’s life, much effort goes into being successful. Moreover, the luck-factor also plays a part in most stories of success.

First and foremost, a person needs to decide for himself what success means for him. He may listen to the opinion and advice of well-meaning family members and friends, but ultimately, he has to take the decision and then put in his very best to turn his dream into reality.

Just like true love brings an inner glow on a person’s face, true success brings a sense of inner contentment, very different from what is understood as ego, regardless of the opinion of others. If you feel that happiness, you have tasted success.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Beloved

Looking over what is called my life
At times I have seen only fragments,
The whole was broken and filled with pain.
Today as I glance over it again,
All I see is you inspiring me all along
Through the ache and over the chasm.

It is true that life has a meaning
And everything happens for a reason.
There is peace in me and joy that will last;
I now see clearly, with darkness gone,
The reason, the meaning for me,
Is always you, only you.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gratitude overflows

As I look at my life I can see so much of love and gifts that I continue receiving. There is also much of pain and unfulfillment. So, what is my stand towards my happiness-ratio in life? I am satisfied.

For all the things I am not receiving now, I am patient, trusting God’s judgment of the right time and suitability. For the deep joys and graces I continue getting from Him, I am happy to thrive on them. These prove that God listens to our cries and gives us what we need.

Whether it is joy or woe, the final message is always positive. I am feeling gratitude overflowing from my heart. God deserves thanks for all that I experience. God deserves thanks for the peace and happiness He continues to give me.