Friday, August 28, 2009


Krishna is all I have, and in having Krishna, I have all.

Words evade me now as I stay in joy, beyond loss.

No fall, no ridicule, no rejection, no hurt

Can break me now..

For, by loving Krishna, I have conquered all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 August

As we talk, there is joy and love

Beyond words to express.

Once more I feel God's touch, and

My heart is healed.

Dearest, you thanked me today...

But how can I thank you?

No word, no deed, no gift,

Would be enough!

O, what do I do?

Beyond the applause

Often the ones who get the applause deserve it the least and the sincere, honest person's contribution is very 'conveniently' overlooked by the majority. Should that stop us from doing our duty and living by our conscience? I don't think it should, because the truly great soul knows how to contribute to the general good even when not a single person claps for him. A great mind belongs to that man or woman who knows his calling and, regardless of the ridicule or the negligence from others, finds joy within his/her heart.
No one claps when the sun rises, but that does not stop the sun from spreading life-giving warmth and light for the whole world.