Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Child

- by Ayesha Parveen 01 Dec 2008
Category: Others.
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My child, you inspire me to live;
Amidst all the pain and distrust
All around us, everyday.
Your look of unfailing love sustains me.

My child, my first concern today,
Is to protect you from what I went through;
May you live to see your dreams come true
And your life is full of love.

My child, I’m weary of pain, and tired of hurt;
But I dare to fight the world if need be,
Just to see life treats you fair
And none can ever harm you.

My child, if I still fail you,
May you be strong to help yourself;
In your success, my tears wiped away;
As you smile, know I smile with you.


Mustaf said...

This is an extra-ordinary piece of work. I am surprised how could no one did post a comment for this. Really awesome..shows the true being of motherhood...thanks a lot.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Mustaf!

Thank you very much for your appreciative comment.

Best wishes :)