Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breaking the cycle of abuse

- by Ayesha Parveen 09 Dec 2008
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There are people who have been treated unfairly in life. In fact, at some point or the other, each one of us might have felt we were not given a fair deal. In some cases of serious abuse or injustice we often see the abused person becoming an abuser when he gets the power. This is certainly not the right way to react to pain as in the process, these abused people hurt innocent ones and thus continue the cycle of abuse.

Some others learn a positive lesson from their painful experiences. When they get power they are careful in executing it. Such people understand that abuse hurts and often scars for life. Thus they refuse to cause unfair pain to others or treat anyone with injustice deliberately. Each person has the emotional potential to be compassionate and break the cycle of abuse.

How we react to an experience and what we learn from it are far more important than the experience itself.

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