Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hermit’s Mind

- by Ayesha Parveen 08 Dec 2008
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As understood from the hermit’s diary:

“There are times when I have an overpowering desire to leave behind all and become a hermit. Nothing but solitude appeals to me then; my ‘friends’ say that I am turning away from the challenges of life but I know that is not so. The core of the matter is that I find not much of what I understand by life, in my day-to-day interactions with people. Most of the people I come across love to hurt others deliberately. If I protest, I am called ultra-sensitive. When I speak my mind out, I am called a rebel; as I choose to stay chaste, I am labeled ‘unnatural’. To be honest, there is nothing having any semblance to freedom and respect in the world dominated by the human race.

‘Friends’ put up acts; spouses cheat: since this is the bottom-line of relationships, I am happier alone. Moreover, there is no guarantee that a friendship or a marriage will be happy for life, and almost no one believes in love surviving death. The talents I express give me no satisfaction for often the less-talented are more applauded. The funnier part is, having understood the ephemeral nature of human-praise, I don’t hunger for it any more. My happiest moments are when I am with myself for then I feel God as I understand Him. There is His presence as I watch the sunset; He is there when I walk in the woods. I feel torn away from Him when I am under some lustful gaze in ‘civilized’ society.

The people I leave behind will perhaps call me an escapist. Let them do so. The ones who envied me secretly will wonder how I could break all the bonds, give up all the privileges. They may react the way they want to. I have made my choice; so I am happy: at last I am free. This, the last page of my diary, is my last communication, albeit indirect, with the ‘civilized’, ‘social’ world. May God’s mercy be upon anyone who reads it by chance.”

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