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How to Master Moods

- by Ayesha Parveen 02 Dec 2008
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Mood swings are normal but they should not be allowed to dominate us. The following points might help in mastering mood swings:

1. PINPOINT THE PROBLEM: When we are fuming or fearful, the first step is to discover why. It is only after pinpointing the problem that we can try to solve it.

2. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Sub-optimal amounts of sleep can play havoc with our emotions. If something frustrating happens, both children and adults have more trouble controlling their anger if they are tired.

3. GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE: Contact with nature is thought by many experts to contribute to optimal moods. If getting outside is not possible, simply spending time near a window, from where you can see some grass, trees or the blue sky with cotton-white clouds, can help. If even that is not within reach, close your eyes for some time and in your mind visualize yourself in a place of natural beauty.

4. BRIGHTEN UP THE INTERIORS: Bring some colour into your home, be it in the form of paintings, show-pieces, decorations or carpets. Red, yellow and orange inspire passion and energy; blue and green calm you down.

5. GET MOVING: Physical activity, in moderation can help lift up your moods. A brisk 10-minute walk can boost energy and reduce tension immediately.

6. EAT WISELY: Mood swings are often fuelled by the food we eat or don’t eat. We must eat regularly, starting with a balanced breakfast. Limiting your intake of caffeine (the immediate lift you get may be followed by irritability) and drinking at least 12-16 glasses of water a day help a lot. I personally believe that a strictly vegetarian diet works wonders in the overall physical and mental well-being of a person.

7. CULTIVATE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Often the quickest fix is to smile bad moods away. If we focus on the positive in life and are grateful for the blessings we get, minor irritations do not bother us for long.

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Pritpal said...

Hey Ayesha...

Very good thought on mood swings... But what i think is, at that time our minds are so disturbed that we are not able to take immediate steps and by the time we realize, the damage had been done...

But still nice steps to control..

Keep it up..