Thursday, December 18, 2008

Too Late, Sometimes

- by Ayesha Parveen 10 Dec 2008
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It is too late to undo a damage done in a relationship, sometimes. Most people, after perpetrating unfairness or hurt, actually expect the other party to forgive. They expect that they will sweet-talk their way back into the relationship. The person who has been hurt is often emotionally blackmailed into accepting the perpetrator back. She is lectured about forgiveness being divine and so she should forgive and forget the pain caused to her. The pain-causer and his back-up support system are excellent in this act. However, very conveniently, there are quiet about the fact that unfairly hurting someone (their part) is anything but divine. They seriously expect the other party to be emotionally weak and accept all sorts of abuse or indifference because he makes her believe she is dependent on her ‘love’ for him.

What should the hurt person do in such a case? In my opinion, she should move on. The individual is too precious to live a life of pain and hurt. If she can afford to, she ought to let go and now make herself her number one priority.

Never be good to an abuse and never love someone who does not respect you as a person.

(Both the “he” and the “she” pronouns have been used in this article in order to avoid confusion like, ‘He said to him’. No gender-issue has been intended.)

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