Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Silent Companion

Are we ever totally alone? This is one question I used to ask myself. As a teenager, I had often gone through days when I felt totally alone and completely abandoned. Even when surrounded by family and friends, I had felt there was nobody for me in the universe. And, there was no one to whom I could say what I was going through for fear of being laughed at.

Mercifully, such agonizing thoughts assail me no longer. Even when there is no one physically by my side, I do not feel abandoned. Not that people have suddenly all become very good and kind or my troubles have evaporated completely. I have a companion now who never leaves my side. He is usually silent but I can feel him even in my pulse, for such is his personality. My companion’s presence is enough to nurture and heal me as I fight this battle called life.

If we look inside our hearts, each one of us will find a companion who never leaves us. For some of us, the companion is a soul-mate who understands, for some it is values, for some it is called love and for others, God.

Whatever name you call your silent companion, always remember he is by your side.


Whirlwind said...

Very thought provoking Ayesha.Lovely writing. You are right. Nobody understands us as much as we understand ourselves. Not even thoese whom we know since childhood/our parents. Solitude is usually a state of mind and as you say one can feel lonely even when surrounded by family/friends.

On a spiritual note, we come alone and go back alone and the rest are those we encounter as we traverse through the journey of life.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Swetha, thank you for your beautiful comment. I have tried to show that dealing with loneliness is easier if we take refuge in ourselves by holding on to what we cherish deep within. In this post, I have expressed how life has taught me to overcome feelings of being abandoned. Best wishes.

KParthasarathi said...

Blessed are those who recognise their companion and commune with Him intimately.Not all are gifted with this insight as you have been.They trudge along the life's path alone amidst the crowd.
I envy your beautiful writing.You are an artist with words.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Parthasarathi, thank you so much for the beautiful compliment. Please bless me so that I am able to spread joy in people's lives. My best wishes to you.

A New Beginning said...

Yes each one of us has a companion residing within us, but sometimes we forget all about it and its through the thought provoking writeups like yours that one comes to realise ..that it still exists.
Great one and keep up the good work.

manivannan said...

Very true... and wonderful post. We are never alone, when we begin to commune with our silent and constant companion :)

I too have experienced the same thing, but I think loneliness is so helpful to connect with Him, who's forever with us and never abandon us, in spite of our misdoings.

Well written Ayesha. Valuable thoughts! Have a good day :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

Thank you Sana for your highly appreciative comment. Have a nice time. Best wishes.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Thank you Manivannan for your introspective comment. You are right when you say that loneliness can be used constructively. Hope you have a very happy time. Best wishes.

Shravan said...

the first paragraph defines my state, or the way i think at times, now i guess, almost all teens do think the same way..

and true, that there is a companion inside us, who never leaves us, but the point is often we forget to look into ourselves.

and now, as far as i am concerned, or as far as my 19 year old life has thought me, very little though, there is no point in lamenting that i am alone, and the life is to be lived alone, but i never live my life that way :(

looking into ones self, is the key, and i would say that the hidden companion we have is the self respect.. with some self respect, one is never alone in the world, on he will never feel so.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Thank you Shravan for your elaborate comment. The inner companion, as I stated in the post, varies from person to person. Best wishes :)