Friday, October 3, 2008

Let Go

by Ayesha Parveen 03 Oct 2008
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Let go of him if he wants to move on,
If he chooses not to look back;
Let go of days meaningless now,
Those moments of joy turned to pain;
Let go of all that you know
Will not be with you from tomorrow.

Then see what life gives you:
Treasures so beautiful, you wonder!
The joy of acceptance, the courage to grow,
Something that lasts and is true;
Someone saying, "Till we meet again,"
Only, if you let go.


Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Ranjan - N America on 10/3/2008 7:12:54 PM
Letting go allows one to heal better. Yes given the circumstances faced in life due family spouse etc., the relationships though exagerated, when in perennial disagreements and conflicts, the best is let go and soon be moving on! But it is hard to let go the Dearest which has joined the history of infinity, how long, may be till let the concerned self, enters the domain of garbless infinity. Ayesha excels. If your few words can light up the hearts of hundreds in the populance, how deep is your affinity toward humanity! Hats off to you and best of health and cheer.

Rajesh - Hyderabad on 10/3/2008 11:25:35 PM
As always, the Ayesha stamp, I am amazed at the consistency of people rating your articles, you have been touching people where it matters most, keep it up, we need that kind of a healing touch, we tend to take it in and forget it, what we need is a constant reminder and I am sure people reading this will someday realize the change their hearts have undergone. All the best, keep writing.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Ramesh Padmanabhan - Chennai on 10/4/2008 10:47:45 AM
Brief yet powerful and full of message. Wonderful writing. Regards . RP

Ajaykumar - bangalore on 10/3/2008 2:56:30 PM
Every night gives way to a new morning.

KP - Chennai on 10/3/2008 12:15:24 PM
A touching poem.It is easier said to let go than to accept the pain in reality.

Swetha Amit - Mumbai on 10/3/2008 12:20:21 PM
Lot of emphasis is placed on the art of letting go which gives one immense tranquility. A wonderful poem.

sharmishtha - kolkata on 10/3/2008 12:18:12 PM
marvellous poem, and i do agree with you.