Thursday, September 24, 2009

You and I, my dearest

Beyond all wrong, I meet you;

For you wash away my sins.

Beyond any desire to work for gain, I touch you;

For, I am tired of doing so much.

You are there for me, right beside me.

I know because I feel you in something

Finer than breath.

With you by my side, pain no longer wins;

Nor sorrow can defeat me ever again.

With you am I engaged

In the eternal dance.

And, all is bliss and all is truth.

(dedicated to my Krishna)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Prayer

There are so many who have made a difference to me,
Have added joy to my stay on earth,
Or from who I have learnt invaluable lessons on
Compassion, honesty and courage.
Some of them are gone from this place;
Yet others have moved on from my life.
A great many names forgotten or not even known to me,
Some faces have faded in my mind as well.
A heartfelt prayer today I am sending
To my Krishna:
Bless and forgive each of those whose loving touch
Has made my life beautiful;
For with all their earthly imperfections
Just like I have,
They have dared to love and tried to heal.
Krishna dear, their sincere efforts, accept with love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your Silence

The silence I hear from you tells me
A story you hesitate to put into words;
Neither you nor I am a fool so great
As not to know the truth!
But we do fool ourselves on the outside,
Trying to justify what is happening;
As life has enfeebled us, we dare not now
Tell one another that there is love.
But never mind; for both you know and I know
That the trembling silence has
Spoken of two souls intertwined.

Trust and Healing

Why is it that when in pain due to the cruel or indifferent behaviour of others, we look for comfort in the companionship of someone we trust? It is because, it is human nature to trust and love. If someone has hurt us, someone else will appear and he/she will help us heal. Such is life. Such is the power of love.

May healing and love wash away all pain that any reader of this post might be feeling.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Araafat: the mountain of light

My little boy I know not what I can do for you

As not much of life is in my control.

But, there is something that I can give you, always

Without fail, without having to explain to anyone;

In all your innocence and faith, you know what that something is:

My unending love for you.

Every time you run to me and give me a hug,

I feel an overflowing of all that is true and beautiful.

In my love for you my faith has grown

And I know that you will be taken care of by Him

Who has sent you to me.

My little boy, my bundle of joy,

Live long, be happy and true.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parents playing God, should be careful

Some parents are unbelievably cruel to their children and do their best to scar the little ones' psyche. Their excuse? "Parents need to discipline their children."! Some parents grin and applause every outrageous deed done by their children. Their excuse? "Children need their parents' support."!

If only parents are conscienteous people, the world would be a better place. Too much damage is done during childhood. Very few people are able to overcome the wrong patterns set upon their lives by their parents. They are the rare souls, who are directly connected to divinity. Most others just succumb to the messages of abuse or unfair advantage, given them by their parents.

Are parents listening?