Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parents playing God, should be careful

Some parents are unbelievably cruel to their children and do their best to scar the little ones' psyche. Their excuse? "Parents need to discipline their children."! Some parents grin and applause every outrageous deed done by their children. Their excuse? "Children need their parents' support."!

If only parents are conscienteous people, the world would be a better place. Too much damage is done during childhood. Very few people are able to overcome the wrong patterns set upon their lives by their parents. They are the rare souls, who are directly connected to divinity. Most others just succumb to the messages of abuse or unfair advantage, given them by their parents.

Are parents listening?


issam said...

I can't agree more Ayesha...
All evils take root in childhood and parents invariable play a major role. Every child's thoughts take shape from childhood and from my own experiences, if the parentage is good, no evil will arise.
Of course, things could be different but that's a rarity...

Whirlwind said...

Very true and well said!! Seen a lot of instances where parents taunt their kids and they grow up with a lot of complexes.

Mustaf said...

They are the first school the children go to and they are the one the children spend most of the time. So, had the children got proper education from their parents itself, more than half of the problems would not have even existed. Today we are getting so much busy with our own life that we hardly think these aspects and expect the infant/immature children to behave like us and we forgot how our parents used to take care of us when we were kids!!

KParthasarathi said...

Not all who beget children are parents in real sense.Parenting is an art and a skill.The way children grow depends largely on the parents and the way they bring them up.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Very true. Important post.

Parent's teach more of ignorance than knowledge. They teach their religion, political views, fears, complexities, likes dis likes etc etc.,

I remember Osho's statement, "That is why no son can ever forgive his father."

I think its true to a great extent.

deeps said...

great .... thats a good one..
i thnk the moive taare zameen par speaks it all na?

anupama said...

dear ayesha,
rightly said,parents are responsible for the future of their children.but teacehrs ,the second parents have a vital role to play here,bringing awareness, about the right n wrong ,updating the modern information,the playway method of teaching,building up confidence in parents n children.
sorry,i reached late.
tomorrow is the birthday of Kannan!
happy blogging!

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Issam:
Thanks Issam, for your appreciative comment :)

@ Swetha:
Thank you Swetha for your encouraging comment :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Mustaf:
Thank you for your comment:) You are correct in assessing the role the parents play and the fact that today's parents are, generally-speaking, so busy with their careers that they have no time for their children.

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Parthasarathi:
What you have said is very true. Appa, thank you for your comment :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Ramesh:
Hey thanks! That's a nice one :) Yes, some parents, unfortunately, teach all the wrong things to their children.

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Anupama:
Yes, Happy Rohini Nakshattra Ashtami tithi to you too :) Have a great day :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Deepu:
I haven't watched the film, "Taare Zameen Par". But I have seen children suffer brutalities at the hands of parents.

Thanks for your comment.

Cyrus Rumi said...

I totally agree with you, sister.

Have a great weekend.


Ayesha Parveen said...

@ Cyrus:

Thank you, brother, for your encouraging comment :) You, too, have a great weekend.

Vivek Patwardhan said...

The point you made is very important, but it rarely gets practiced, and that is very unfortunate.

I read somewhere that Russians never scold or spank their children and yet they grow up as responsible citizens!


Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Vivek!

Thank you so much for your appreciative comment :) The example you have given, of Russians, can hold true in any case of bringing up children. Love teaches much better that tears. When a parent hits a child, it is nothing but abuse of power.