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Friends, across the continents

- by Ayesha Parveen 14 Nov 2008
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Asha was hurt and did not know what to do. If men, who had been her colleagues for years, could be so insensitive, she did not know what to expect from others. Being orthopaedically-challenged, Asha needed a pair of crutches to walk. It was a Wednesday in May when three colleagues were giving a treat and the food was laid on a side-table in the staff-room. Naturally, not having a third hand to carry a plate, Asha had expected that any one of her work-mates would bring her the food.

Soon, she found herself surrounded by ten men (including the three who were giving the treat) busy eating; all she could do was flip through the pages of a book. This went on for about fifteen minutes and then the room-keeper arrived and offered Asha a plate.

What was it, Asha wondered, that had made those colleagues behave the way they did? She knew she would perhaps never find the answer, for it was their decision to be uncaring and insensitive. But, being hurt, she needed to heal and asked God for help.

Years ago, her former teacher Ramola had said Asha had a flair for writing. Though Asha never believed she could write well, technically-speaking, she knew she could pen her thoughts and feelings. Now she turned to blogging. She started writing about her experiences and about her values.

Soon, she was lucky to connect with Shaan, a blogger from a far away land. When she read his posts, she could see a reflection of her own values. He talked about compassion, generosity and inner-reality. She spoke of love, kindness and inner- wealth. Asha started healing while reading Shaan's posts and knew she had found a friend in him because only a friend can heal a wounded heart.

Across the continents, they held hands and she was grateful.

“Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.”
– William Blake


KParthasarathi said...

It looks as though Shan seems to tell Asha
"Between the miles-
if you need me.
If you need a friend.
Let me be the friend, I want to be"
Nicely written post

Ayesha Parveen said...

thanks Parthasarathi

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

KP - Gwalior on 11/14/2008 9:43:29 PM
While there are insensitive people all around , there are good ones too.It is a pity that Asha was surrounded that day by inconsiderate colleagues.Such experiences can shatter one's faith in the goodness of man.She can take heart from the fact that there are Shans too in this world. An exceedingly nice post.

Swetha Amit - Mumbai on 11/15/2008 8:18:24 AM
A sensitive post with a subtlle message. I think we all wonder at some point in time about other's strange behaviour. Its an irony where near ones show insensitivity and we find solace in those residing miles away. Hope people learn something from your post. Good one Ayesha.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Bobby Sakariah - Jeddah on 11/15/2008 11:52:40 AM
We become sensitive to issues only when we are forced. We do not help people extempore. We only help people if we get publicity. Therefore we are Indians. Keep bringing such issue to the fore.

Chidu - Blore on 11/15/2008 5:01:32 AM
Hope people get the actual message from this article..Nice one!!! It is not that Asha needed some help or men dont care...

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Shantappa Jewur - Natal on 11/14/2008 4:51:09 PM
Nice writing Ayesha! It is the simple way of expressing the meaning of great thoughts by common example. The love and compassion received by the people with special necessities, makes great difference in their life. Only by putting ourselves in the shoes of others in affliction, helps us to understand their pain.

Nirmalya - Kolkata on 11/14/2008 4:56:34 PM
good story, as always, with a message, I remember reading about the kitten and Radhika before.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Ajaykumar - bangalore on 11/14/2008 5:11:00 PM
The human nature is just unpredictable. A person we think we know can be different altogether. But I think what ever happens, it always has a reason for it. Asha was destined to meet Shaan. So they met. Good one Ayesha.

sk jaiswal - new delhi on 11/14/2008 6:44:59 PM
Hey bosss, good..u made them meet..happy ending.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Readers' comments:

Ramesh Padmanabhan - Chennai on 11/14/2008 7:32:31 PM
Hi Ayesha, Good writing and I wish You had gender mix in your colleagues story. All men are not bad and all women are not good. I wish I was there to get the plate fro Asha to prove a point that we do have caring men in this world. Regards. RP

sk jaiswal - new delhi on 11/14/2008 7:42:28 PM
Dear RP :) well, i must say nowdays most of the men are not good and smaller % of women. SO MEN KO SUDHARNE KA... :)

sharmishtha - kolkata on 11/14/2008 11:07:07 PM
Superb story. we sometimes in place of lending hand..... make... life miserable.

M.Lokeswara Rao - Bangalore on 11/14/2008 9:43:07 PM
nice article.

Ayesha Parveen said...

The author's clarification to Ramesh:

ayesha parveen - kolkata on 11/14/2008 8:16:24 PM
Dear Ramesh, I know all men are not bad and all women are not good. But this is what had actually happened. On that particular day, the women colleagues were not there. The men who were there were the ones who always took help from the handicapped woman when it came to checking their written-reports for language or grammatical errors, before they submitted those to the boss. The woman in question would not have behaved with even a stranger, the way her colleagues (who take help from her) behaved with her. I am narrating what actually happened. Women colleagues, on occasions when they were there, had helped her. This happened in a society where men expect women to serve them (which in itself is a wrong attitude). Moreover, they were not willing to make an exception even for a person with physical-challenges. This is the truth. Thank you so much for offering to bring the plate.

Shreya said...

I can't remember where I heard or saw this line: When you will look back, you will realise the best part of life was the hardships, not fun, because it's that hardship that makes you who you are. The greatest feeling is when you remember how you overcame or dealt with them.

Ayesha Parveen said...

MSN Reader's comment:

Rajesh - Hyderabad on 11/16/2008 8:39:58 PM
Good one. Should be an eye-opener for us as a society. It is only in our land that a physically challenged person is either ignored or pitied, I am not sure when we Indians will come out of playing GODs to individuals who actually need respect and love and not our pity. A billion Indians have not identified one Stephen Hawking, but that society has held him in the highest honor the country can, a lady has actually married him for what he is intellectually, how many girls in India will do that and how many fathers will allow that? My advice to the Asha's of the world will be to hold their heads high and and show their talents to the world. In one case I was travelling by bus and a man with a crutch got in. A few minutes and none got up, in fact some of them continued to sit in the seats meant for the physically challenged, old and carrying women, this gent looked up at me and said "see no one is getting up seeing that I am handicapped", at which I said aloud "please do not mind, but fact those people are the real handicapped ones, only that they are mentally handicapped", at which he smiled at me, continued to stand and said "bhaisahab, chalta hoon" when he got down, but not a single soul gave him a seat even after that. Such experiences make me pretty bitter, I am saying this so that you will appreciate why the comment is possibly a bit too harsh though deserving in my opinion.