Sunday, February 28, 2010

The wind played with her long, dark hair..

Walking away one day from all that is mundane,

She stopped to soak in a moment of silence.

Looking at the glorious setting sun,

And letting the wind play with her long, dark hair,

She rested.

No thought did she let bother her

Nor worry about the next day,

As for the moment, she was her own,

Enjoying every breath she took

While the wind played with her long, dark hair.

(A tribute to womanhood)

Friday, February 26, 2010

The moon running..

No answer could I give

My little one,

When he pointed out with wonder

The moon running in the sky

Just like the car in which he was!

His wonder made me trust

The deep joy of childhood

Which I had thought was lost to me

For good.

Nothing is lost if there is joy

In heart, for

Joy pure proves there is love and faith in the soul.

My child is a sign of God being by my side,

And my fragmented life

Is once more whole.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This night..

This night is
A time to rest, a time to heal.
This night as
I organise my thoughts and
Dreams, and gently pull out the shards of glass
From the soul,
I know that tomorrow the sun will rise again
With new travails, and new hopes.
This night is
A time to share, a time to pray,
For I know not if tomorrow's sure sun
These eyes of mine will see.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Last Days

Walking down memory lane one day

Since I know my days are numbers,

I asked myself if the balance sheet

Satisfied me.

No, it didn't give me contentment,

As we are trained to look only for joy

Forgetting to accept the fact that

Sorrow is a part of this life.

Today, as I am nearer the exit,

I understand that even the rude balance sheet does not matter.

Battle-weary was I, but am so no longer

As all battles are now over.

Standing quietly in the twilight,

After giving up all that is meant to go

Sooner or later,

I am waiting to embrace rest

Without the terror of battles anymore.

Call me an escapist, if you so wish;

But I am what I am, and my life and my death

Are my very own.